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Business and Appellate Law

 The Snelling Law Firm

  Houston, Texas

The firm is experienced in the following types of transactional matters:


Corporate Formation

Real Estate/Eminent Domain


Government contracting

Employment Agreements, Powers of Attorney



Wage and Employment Claims

The firm is experienced in working on the following litigation cases:

Business torts (plaintiff and defendant)

Mechanic's Liens (appeals only)

Bail Bond Board appeals (de novo and on appeal)

Commercial litigation (plaintiff and defendant)

Products liability (plaintiff and defendant)

Personal injury and wrongful death (plaintiff and defendant)

Securities (appeal only)

Insurance (coverage, co-insurers, excess insurers)

Construction defects

Premises liability

Toxic tort (plaintiff and defendant)

Employment (plaintiff and defendant)

Governmental liability

DTPA and Insurance Code violations Family law and Probate law (appeal only)


Services Provided To Trial Firms and Clients in Litigation

 I. Pretrial services:

 Consult on litigation strategy

 Prepare pleadings

 Research, prepare and argue complex motions, such as  motions for summary judgment and responses to motions  for summary judgment, motions to transfer venue,  motions to remand, and so forth

 Consult on discovery problem

 Research and prepare jury questions

 Research, prepare and argue petitions for writ of  mandamus to the court of appeals to complain of trial  court error  

 Research, prepare and argue interlocutory appeal (on  issues such as the appointment of a receiver, class  certification, temporary injunction, government immunity,  a government's plea to the jurisdiction, grant or denial of  special appearance, etc.)

 Research, prepare and argue Dauber/Robinson issues

 Consult on alternative dispute resolution, such as  mediation, arbitration or summary trial

 II. Trial services:

 Research, prepare and argue motions in limine

 Second chair trial to ensure preservation of error for  appeal

 Consult on objections to evidence and witnesses

 Prepare and present jury charge

 Research and prepare trial briefs on complex topics

 Consult on trial strategy

 Prepare and present examination of difficult witnesses

 Prepare and present argument to the jury

 Consult on settlement strategy

 III. Post-trial services:

 Research and prepare judgment

 Research, prepare and argue post-trial motions, such as  motion for new trial, motion for judgment notwithstanding  the verdict, motion to correct, modify or reform the  judgment, motion to alter and amend the judgment,  motion for reconsideration, and so forth

 Consult on post-trial settlement options

 Prepare appellate timetable

 IV. Appeal services:

 Prepare notice of appeal

 Consult on supersedes bond or other security

 Prepare request for appellate record

 Consult with trial lawyers about issues to rise on appeal

 Consult with trial lawyers and client about settlement  while case is on appeal

 Review and digest record in preparation for appellate brief

 Act as "final pen" in research and preparation of appellate  briefs

 Prepare and present oral argument to court of appeals

 Research and prepare motion for rehearing

 Prepare petition for review to Supreme Court of Texas, or  petition for writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of the  United States

 Research and prepare brief on merits

 Prepare for and present oral argument to high court

 Consult on collection of judgment